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BIT – Week 2 – Ideal Futures

The future society I want to live in runs on freedom, inclusion, and sustainability as basic principles. All repetitive manual labor will be automated, allowing the release of humans from inhumaine working conditions. Everyone will be guaranteed healthcare and basic housing, though of course everyone is welcome to buy/improve their own housing. Free, unlimited 5G(+) will blanket the country/world. All electricity will be from renewable sources. I could go on for every other area of society, but mostly, I believe that since we’re so rich & we’ve developed so much technology & thought about aesthetics so much, there’s no reason not to do all these things. They’re about freeing us up from worrying about all these dumb issues—from our basic human rights being eroded at every turn to problems like healthcare that we both know the solution for and have the resources to solve. True freedom starts with liberation from needing to continually fight for the basics. We can then engage in more humane capitalism, centered on self-determination, where we’re all creators, of every variety of thing.

Beyond the more inclusive “base” I’m describing, I dream of a future where we all realize our agency. There can be no perfect world, and it will always require change in order to be just—discarding constructions deemed outdated, asserting a better way, building it out. Unlike our present world, I hope for everyone to be able to participate from an equal footing, without facing ad dollars, lobbying, assassination, etc. A culture of independent creators, representing all backgrounds and working in concert, is the world I dream of.