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CC – Week 6: Connections – Halloween show ideas

  1. Easy boo: Ghost sitting on top of Arduino with a light sensor. When you pick up the ghost, it senses the light change & the p5 sketch goes Boo!
  2. Press slay: Zombies run across the screen. Press down on a force sensor harder & harder to slay them increasingly.
  3. CO2 spooks: P5 fetches CO2 data & emits three sounds via the speaker with frequencies corresponding to the PPM levels.
  4. Scream silently: Press the force sensor to emit a screaming noise of a pitch/volume correlating to the force.
  5. (Uses webcam) See yourself on the display with your bones overlaid--but cracked & damaged. Click to print.
  6. (Requires small printer) Takes your photo automatically, crops to your face, zombie-fies it, & prints it out, depositing you in the "visitor graveyard."
  7. (Requires camera) Pick up color swatches in front of a camera & the app recommends horror movies with that color palette.
  8. Clown chatbot game: a clown onscreen asks questions. Click colored buttons on the Arduino to respond.
  9. IoT candy jar: a force sensor in the bottom of a candy jar detects the amount of candy remaining & displays the progress onscreen/on an external website.
  10. Punkin chunkin: toss the pumpkin, & a camera measures the distance & adds to a leaderboard onscreen.