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Communications Lab – Week 1 – Interactive Reimagining

  • Group members: Bailey Foltz, Lachlan Campbell, Shion Yamada
  • Fairy tale: Little Red Riding Hood

In the fairy tale, the protagonist tries to bring food to her sickly grandmother, but in the forest on the way there, is intercepted by a wolf dressed up as her grandmother.

This manipulation has clear parallels to modern online dating. People can say whatever they want about themselves—but it’s not necessarily true.


Our interactive reimagination of the fairy tale is a dating app called LoopUs. LoopUs is a dating app designed around the idea of figuring out if your date is the person they claim—or if they’re catfishing you. You are Little Red Riding Hood in this narrative, and your dates might be wolves (manipulating you).

The name LoopUs comes from Lupus, the Latin word for wolf, & the idea of Loop Us (together, dating). The logo is two half moons (wolf symbol) but also interconnected chains (loops/a relationship).

In the app, you begin with a basic onboarding screen for creating your profile. Add your name, some pictures, a bio. On the main screen, you can see your potential dates, and check out their profiles. People list a few facts about themselves, but they may or may not be true. Tap the Chat button to start talking, where the app begins suggesting test options.

The ultimate goal is to avoid Little Red Riding Hood’s fate—the people trying to catfish/manipulate you—and instead find everlasting love! (You might want to look somewhere else for the love though, because I’m pretty sure these are all wolves.)

Bailey’s notes from brainstorming/planning

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Lachlan’s sketches of the app/user flow